Welcome to Dolphins Studios and Restaurant.

Our Studios and Restaurant are located on the wonderful area of Diafani near the village
of Olympos in Karpathos island.

Diafani is a small fishing village in the northern part of the island of Karpathos.
Its Historical roots go back to the traces of Minoan settlement in the Cove of Cambi Bay, the ruins of Hellenistic public baths in the Loutro (bath) site and the name place Palaia (ancient). These are signs that the Diafani site has been chosen for settlement since the ancient times.

Because of the Arabic raids, the inhabitants of the region were also forced to abandon their homes and take refuge in the mountainous and hard-to-access nearby Olymbos which maintained a castle around the central and highest part of the village.

Our location is ideal for those who would like to experience the traditional life in a small greek island. In Diafani you can find small supermarkets, coffee places and plenty of space to unwind and relax your senses. At about 100 meters walking distance from our rooms you will find the harbor wich is full of small traditional places that you can visit and our crystal clear water beach.

Further up from Diafani you will have the chance to experience Olympos village...

Olymbos is an unspoiled traditional village, with the electricity arrived in 1980 and also featured in The National Geographic. In Olymbos, the women still dress in their authentic Karpathian outfight. It is their custom to wear it, no matter what part of the world they may live in. You will be able to explore the rest of this magnificent island with its picturesque beaches, majestic mountains and authentic villages.

Still you will have the possibility to explore the rest of the island of Karpathos easily once the bus stop is located only 100 meters from our rooms.
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